Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Way To Get Money From Facebook

Actually, it's still not new. It's just, I just had time to write now, so yes I call that 'New Way': D. After the previous "quite successful" with Paypal Wishlist Program on up (get $ 10 in less than 2 weeks), now there are dollars collector program called Easy Cash. This program has been running about 1-2 months. This program is more like a Paid to Survey, or Paid to Receive Offer Program.
How it Works
The works of Easy Cash program is quite simple and easy. After registering, you will instantly receive a bonus of $1, which will be added to the account balance. Then, to earn money again, you could do the job the following:
  • Login each day ($0.03 once in 24 hours)
  • Make Offer. Can be Free, and paid, depending on the offer that you choice. Each offer will give Cash Points which can be converted into money. 100 Points = $1. Each Offer have a different Point.
  • Make Survey. Each survey will give Cash Points which can be converted into money. 100 Points = $1. Each survey have a different Point.
  • Referral / Affiliate program. You are able to refer or recommend this application to all of your friends. You will get a bonus of 10% of friend's revenue who sign up for your referral. REMEMBER, never equate affiliate program with a MLM system, Pyramid system, etc.
Terms And Needs
To participate in programs Easy Cash this, you just need a Facebook and Paypal account. Of course you already have an Facebook account..... Well, if you did not have a Paypal account, please register first at: PayPal Website".

If you already have an account up and Paypal, it's time to sign up for programs Easy Cash. How:
Minimum Cashout
Minimum Balance amount to be taken and transferred to Paypal is $5 (Five Dollars). So, as more as you doing work, the sooner you collected balance and the sooner you are to immediately Cashout/Payout.
Payment Processor
As I say earlier, the Payment Processor is Paypal.

OK....... That was then that I can share for this time, wait for my next share, and do not forget to keep visiting!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

OnBux, The Legit PTC

After waiting for a long, finally I can withdraw my balance from OnBux. Actually, if I wanted, I could payout a few weeks ago. But it was not my doing because I chose to try to rent referrals first. I want to know how active whether in OnBux referral?

But, I rented with useless because I miss / do not log in for weeks. So, I had absolutely no benefit from the referral.

And, on September 27, I made a payout of U.S. $ 2.02. With this, the further strengthening of OnBux legitimate. And most importantly, the transaction is INSTANT. So, the money be sent shortly after the payout process.

So, for you who have not signed up or are still skeptical about the OnBux, immediately register at:

Legit PTC who pay with instant, have an active rental referral, only OnBux. Why wait? Hurry join!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Avoiding Failure in Business of PTC

Pay Per Click Blogging: How To Get Paid For Every Action A Visitor Takes On Your Blog!What is PTC ..?
PTC (Paid To Click) is a program established by a company (manifested in the form of a website) that provides a place to put an ads(the advertiser), which is then displayed to the users(clickers) to be seen and clicked on, where for every ads clicked advertisers will be tax to a number of specific costs, and earn for the user who click on the ads.

Briefly, PTC is; advertising place for the advertiser, and the place to find money for the user by clicking on the ads.

Why Must PTC ..?
Compared with the other Monetize Programs, PTC has many advantages.
The first, the system works very easily, only need to register (free), click on the ads and looking for referrals to increase revenue. Looking for a referral is not mandatory, but if you want more profit as well as fast, it is becoming very important.

The second, Free ...!! Yes, PTC is open to everyone and free. Almost all the money-producing programs are free of charge. But not a few also are paid.

The third, no need to have a Website. To doing a business on the world of PTC, we don't must to have a Blog or Website. We just must to have an email only (of course). While for the means of promotion, can use social networks like facebook, twitter and other like that's. Website / Blog is not needed because the work we are just entering the PTC's website and click on ads provided. This is different to the PPC (Pay Per Click), which requires members to have a website to add the ads.

Avoiding Failure In PTC
Not a few people who have failed in business through the PTC. Failures that is common to make a person to undergo the trauma of business in the field of PTC again. Actually the failure experienced by the business caused by errors PTC itself. To avoid failure in the business of PTC, we should avoid the following things:
  1. Not accurate in choosing PTC
    This is the first mistake is often made by the newbie. This usually occurs because of too zeal because the new  know the make money online world.
    This should not have happened if want to find information about the PTC which will be followed either by browsing or ask directly to someone who has undergone such a business in PTC (ask me for example .. ha..ha..ha ... :D ). Try to always accurate in all respects, including in a business undergoing PTC.
    Do not ever hesitate to ask people who know more about PTC, and would be great if it became his/her referral(be my referrals are also highly recommended ..LOL ). I will give some reward and cash back for active referrals.
  2. Hasty in taking action
    It also is the nature that makes people not care. This property is not good in any respect, including the PTC world. In choosing PTC, making decisions (request Payout, invest, etc.) should be not in a hurry. Reassure yourself with how to collect information sebanyak2nya first, then take action. Patience is key in running the PTC business.
    Indeed most people would tend to make Payout immediately to avoid a scam. However, if previously we have confidence in a PTC, then we need not rush to Payout, and use the results of our click to invest (rent referrals / upgrades). This is why we must carefully before deciding nergabung into a PTC.
  3. Not willing to learn
    Fair if a person feels himself capable, however, in the world of PTC, we must constantly learn and study. Learning to understand the rules, managing referrals, manage their working time etc..
  4. Oversimplifying regulation
    Most of the newbie / new members tend to underestimate the applicable laws in a company PTC. This led him in the Banned, so that a total failure. If it were so, it usually will blame the system and without thinking and introspection to seal directly against the PTC Scam that made him such banned. For a good user and want to succeed in PTC business, we have ideology and became obedient to the regulations made by the company. If we shrugged it off, the loss of our own.
  5. Not lazy and Discipline
    It's also one of the things that make people fail in the PTC world. To achieve success, one must be diligent, consistent and disciplined. These are deeply held by most (even all) of the Company existing PTC.
    A user / member / clicker should be diligent click ads every day with the amount specified (not the old one, at most only 15 minutes, rose just once a day).
That said, the key to success in world business underwent PTC. Careful, patient, willing to learn, Obedient Rules, and Rajin. If we can implement these five things, we will definitely get success.

Good luck....!

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