Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Way To Get Money From Facebook

Actually, it's still not new. It's just, I just had time to write now, so yes I call that 'New Way': D. After the previous "quite successful" with Paypal Wishlist Program on up (get $ 10 in less than 2 weeks), now there are dollars collector program called Easy Cash. This program has been running about 1-2 months. This program is more like a Paid to Survey, or Paid to Receive Offer Program.
How it Works
The works of Easy Cash program is quite simple and easy. After registering, you will instantly receive a bonus of $1, which will be added to the account balance. Then, to earn money again, you could do the job the following:
  • Login each day ($0.03 once in 24 hours)
  • Make Offer. Can be Free, and paid, depending on the offer that you choice. Each offer will give Cash Points which can be converted into money. 100 Points = $1. Each Offer have a different Point.
  • Make Survey. Each survey will give Cash Points which can be converted into money. 100 Points = $1. Each survey have a different Point.
  • Referral / Affiliate program. You are able to refer or recommend this application to all of your friends. You will get a bonus of 10% of friend's revenue who sign up for your referral. REMEMBER, never equate affiliate program with a MLM system, Pyramid system, etc.
Terms And Needs
To participate in programs Easy Cash this, you just need a Facebook and Paypal account. Of course you already have an Facebook account..... Well, if you did not have a Paypal account, please register first at: PayPal Website".

If you already have an account up and Paypal, it's time to sign up for programs Easy Cash. How:
Minimum Cashout
Minimum Balance amount to be taken and transferred to Paypal is $5 (Five Dollars). So, as more as you doing work, the sooner you collected balance and the sooner you are to immediately Cashout/Payout.
Payment Processor
As I say earlier, the Payment Processor is Paypal.

OK....... That was then that I can share for this time, wait for my next share, and do not forget to keep visiting!!!


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